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Not to be confused with the delicious combination of chocolate spread and hazelnuts that is Nutella (and if you do confuse it you should probably best stay away from playing online slots for real money), NETeller is one of the most widely used e-wallet services for online gaming.

Founded in 1999, its success and credibility as a reputable company was endorsed with a public listing on the London Stock Exchange five years later, and it remains today a very popular choice with players to run their accounts at the best online casinos.

Like its closest rivals for e-wallet management of online casino player accounts, PayPal and Skrill, NETeller offers a simple, single store for funds deposited from other sources that allows extremely convenient money management without you having to register your banking details with a site you want to play.

Armed with a NETeller account, depositing funds and withdrawing winnings from an online casino that accepts its service (and the majority of top ranking sites do) is instant, which also adds considerably to its appeal.

NETeller also wins its spurs for offering extraordinary flexibility in how you actually move your hard-earned cash into your e-wallet. At the time of writing if was offering fifty different options, from the common debit and credit cards to Bitcoins, so we’d be amazed if there wasn’t an option that suited your preference.

Fees are applicable to most of the methods, and vary between 1-7%, but most are at the low end and there are some free methods such as Fast Bank Transfer if those are viable options for you.

When it comes to enjoying the spoils of any successful sessions playing your favourite online slots, NETeller account holders can also take advantage of the companies Prepaid Net+ Mastercard which is available as a physical and virtual card.

The former is handy if the thought of being able to access any winnings as cash from an ATM, or as funds to treat yourself to something special wherever MasterCard is accepted appeals. Fees apply to cash withdrawals using the card but not to card transactions, so it can be a great way to avoid any fees if you want to spend winnings in the real-world using ‘plastic’.

Should you want to move funds from your NETeller account back into a designated bank account there is a withdrawal fee (currently £5), and a delay of between three to five working days, so we’d very much recommend investigating the Net+ card mentioned above if you do choose NETeller as your preferred tool for playing online slots for real money. It is a cheaper and quicker way to use winnings to pay for other things you want or need.

Finally, NETeller also offers loyalty points for using your account, and is increasing the number of promotions it offers its customers. Considering its widespread use for online casino gaming, we imagine exclusive casino bonuses will pop up pretty regularly here in the future, so it’s worth bearing this in mind as another reason to consider NETeller as your e-wallet when setting off to seek your fortune on the best online slots.

To enjoy the spoils of winnings from your online Blackjack sessions, it’s worth noting a couple of things if you use NETeller to manage your player account(s):

Moving winnings out of your NETeller e-wallet to a traditional bank account does incur a fee (currently set at £5 per transfer) and takes three to five working days to process.
NETeller users can take advantage of its Prepaid Net+ Mastercard to access their funds in more conventional ways. This can be a physical card to use in ATM’s (where a fee for those withdrawals will be applied) but can be used as a ‘standard’ debit card wherever Mastercard is accepted, which won’t incur any fees and give you a pretty much instant way to spend winnings on something else you want or need. For this latter reason, we’d strongly recommend checking out the Net+ card if you opt to use NETeller for you online casino accounts.


Like other e-wallet providers (many that have followed in NETeller’s footsteps), NETeller’s service is a simple, single virtual ‘purse’ to stuff with funds deposited from other sources.

The advantage of using it for online casino betting is that it offers exceptionally convenient management of a player account without needing to register your banking details or a debit / credit card with sites you want to play.

As mentioned earlier, NETeller is very widely accepted at the best online casinos and it’s one of the options that can offer the quickest depositing and withdrawal times too.

Another strength of NETeller is the many options it offers for funding your personal e-wallet. We found sixty-four options at last count, covering so many bases from credit cards to Bitcoin that we’re confident you’d find it impossible to argue that there’s no option to suit your needs.

It should be noted that there are fees applicable to using many of the funding methods, but these are mostly very low percentages and there are a couple of fee-free options – International Bank Transfer and Local Bank Deposit – if that floats your boat.

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